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“A Rural Life,” the county’s 6th annual spring heritage festival, will be held Saturday, May 4. Each year, the first weekend in May, residents and visitors are invited to explore a different aspect of the county’s past. This year’s festival will feature a “county fair” atmosphere and will examine our very rural way of life—the people, their histories, their agricultural heritage, and their stories both past and present—focusing on farming, fishing and families.
May Faire 2024 Chair, Barbara Bass notes that the event will look “very much like an old fashioned county fair. It will provide an opportunity to remember and celebrate the past and raise awareness of some of our greatest historical treasures and peoples. We anticipate a variety of educational booths as well as our traditional events. ”

The Committee is already hard at work planning a variety of activities which will reflect the county’s agricultural heritage. Plans include musical performances by our school children; an archeological dig sponsored by the area’s Fairfield Foundation; C & J Farms bringing baby chicks which are planned to hatch on site, and baby pigs, bunnies and dogs; the traditional May Pole Dance; arts and crafts booths; and displays of agricultural tools and implements from the past up to the present. We welcome anyone interested in helping develop this exciting event.

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